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Becoming a verified seller is an important way to create trust between you and your customers within the eiMoon marketplace. Follow the steps below to become verified and earn your trust badge.

Verification Section

Verify Identity

In your profile manager is a verification section. Once you have navigated here the first step to becoming verified is providing proof of identity. You can do this by uploading either a copy of your national ID card, a business card, your passport, or your driver's license.

Address and Social Verification

Verify Address and Social Media Presence

The next steps are to verify your address and your social media accounts.

To verify your address, simply complete the address fields below the Address Verification heading.

To verify your social accounts, simply click on a platform's buttons to connect to your corresponding account.

Verification Status

Verification Status

As a vendor, you will always be updated with your verification status. Even if you are only part of the way through the process, you can still have a partial verification status.

Successful verification

Verification Approval

Once you are verified you will receive a status update on your profile page along with a notification message.

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