Delivery Time Settings

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Delivery Time Settings

Configure Delivery Time Settings

You can define your preferred delivery time slots from the Setting panel >> Delivery Time

It’s important to click the “Enable Delivery Time” option. If this is not enabled then customer will not have the preferred delivery time select option when they checkout from your store.

Week Day Off

Set Week Day OFF

If you are unable to deliver on certain weekdays then you can disable them as shown above.

Daily Basis Delivery Time Slots

Daily Basis Delivery Time Slots

You can also define your daily available time slots as shown above.

Delivery Time Option

Customer Delivery Time Option

Your customers will see the delivery time select option under the checkout page.

Mulitple Item Delivery Times

Multi Vendor Checkout

If a cart has items from multiple vendors then the customer has to choose a separate delivery time for each vendor as seen above.

View Customers Preferred Shipping Time

View Customer's Preferred Shipping Time

You will be able to see a customer’s preferred delivery time under:

Store Manager >> Order List >> Shipping Column 

Delivery Time Order Details

View Delivery Time in Order Details

The delivery time of an order can also be viewed in the order details section itself.

Deliver Times Delivery Person View

Delivery Person View

If you assign a Delivery Person to an order then they will see the delivery time in their order list.

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